Tips for choosing the right evaporative air conditioner

Questions to ask yourself

Thinking about these questions will help you determine your evaporative cooling requirements. Your specialist dealer will also be able to provide you with further information on each of these areas.

  1. How big an area do I need to cool?

    Take into account the size of the area and how many rooms you will be cooling. You will need to select an evaporative air conditioner model that has the capacity to cooling the complete area. Speak to a specialist dealer and ask them to come out to your home to quote or quote from your home plans.
  2. What level of quality evaporative air conditioner are you looking for?

    Evaporative air conditioners vary in quality and the features they offer. Consider that a more expensive model may have extra features that may be quieter, save energy, save on running costs or save water. Keep in mind that the higher quality system you select the less likely that you will need to service it as often.
  3. How important are running costs to you?

    Evaporative air conditioners vary in energy efficiency, meaning that over a year, the running costs can vary significantly. Breezair is the only evaporative air conditioner which features an Inverter, which eliminates the wasteful and costly stop-start-stop sequence of older systems generating greatly reduced energy use and genuine cost savings. Ask your dealer about the ongoing running costs.

  4. Is the purchase price the biggest consideration?

    Evaporative air conditioners vary in price and quality. Consider that a more expensive model may have extra features that may be quieter, save you money on running costs or save water. Weigh up the positives and negatives of each system in relation to the purchase price.

  5. Will noise bother me or my neighbours?

    Some evaporative coolers are noisier than others. Many feature an axial fan which moves the air in a circular motion through the ducts, and can create turbulence and noise. Evaporative air conditioners with centrifugal fans are generally quieter, as they move the air in a straight line.

  6. How important is it to you to minimise your impact on the environment?

    Some evaporative air conditioners are more energy efficient than others. Ask your dealer which is the most energy efficient, therefore reducing the impact on the environment.

  7. Is your home insulated?

    Consider whether it may be worthwhile to insulate your home to keep your home cool and reduce the amount of cooling you require, therefore reducing the running costs for cooling.

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