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Evaporative Cooling

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The Cold Facts About Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling in not a new idea. In fact, it's as old as nature itself. Did you ever wonder why you feel cooler by an ocean or river? It's because of natural evaporation. A sea breeze feels cooler because hot air is blown over the water causing some of the water to evaporate and absorb heat. The air becomes a refreshing breeze.

For many thousands of years, a passive form of man-made evaporative cooling has been used. Thought to have been developed in Persia (Iran), badgirs (Farsi) or barjeels (Arabic) are towers that catch wind and funnel it past water, usually in the form of a pond and water fountain at the base of the tower, into a building. As the hot air passes the water it is cooled by evaporation. Ingeniously, many of these buildings also have courtyards containing plentiful water so that if the wind is not blowing, the natural action of rising hot air evaporates water from the courtyard, vents the cool air through the building and exhausts through the tower.

Of course, many other steps to control temperature were taken during construction of ancient buildings, such as having high ceilings and very thick walls. Because that's not easy to achieve with today's construction methods - not to mention today's space and cost constraints - heat transfer is considerably higher and passive cooling methods don't provide the benefit required. Therefore, Breezair has simply taken the natural evaporative cooling process and developed it with state-of-the-art technology to suit today's lifestyle.

Each Breezair cooler contains large ChillCel™ or Aspen Fiber filter pads. During the cooling cycle, these pads are kept wet by our non-clog Water Distribution System. Hot air from outside is then drawn through these special pads by a powerful centrifugal fan, and is cooled by the evaporation process. The hotter and dryer it is, the faster the water evaporates and the cooler the air becomes. (Roll your mouse over the links above for a detailed picture and explanation of these amazing exclusive Breezair features)

Because evaporative cooling is a simple and completely natural process, its benefits are many.

Unlike refrigerated air conditioning, it uses no CFC's that harm the environment. It also uses far less electricity, thereby saving energy, natural resources and as much as 80% on running costs compared with refrigerated air conditioning.

And because evaporative cooling continually brings in air from the outside, rather than recirculating the same stale, dry air over and over again, it's much healthier and kinder to sensitive noses, eyes and skin. Evaporative cooling filters the air and provides a complete air change every few minutes, guaranteeing a steady stream of fresh air.

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