Levine Machine – USA


"Levine Machine, a building renovations company based in Phoenix Arizona, recently installed 24 Breezair TBAs...

 ...on its 60,000 square foot facility. With temperatures often reaching 115°F (46°C) in Phoenix Arizona, an efficient and powerful air conditioning system is a must.


The building, which has enclosed common areas, offices and a mezzanine level, was previously cooled by a large air conditioning system. Due to the high power consumption of this system, the building owner sought to install evaporative units to reduce electricity bills. After researching several different evaporative systems, the building owner decided to install Breezair because it was far superior to others in terms of quality and energy efficiency. Levine Machine is looking forward to summer, and to its much lower electricity bills – and is already impressed with how quiet the Breezair coolers are to run.

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